What’s the difference between delivery and set-up and full-service catering?

If you order Delivery and Set-Up, one of our catering experts will deliver your award-winning barbeque with everything you need for a flawless event. We’ll lay out butcher paper across your tables, set up your spread, and label everything neatly for your guests. Hot food is kept piping hot with disposable wire chafers and sterno, and we’ll serve cold items on ice. Once everything is set up, we’ll check in with you and make sure you’re thrilled before we head out and let you take the reins. 

We also offer Limited-Service Catering: just like Delivery and Set Up, but with a team of catering professionals on hand. We’ll deliver and set up your buffet just as described above, then stick around to help restock your spread and clean up afterwards.

If you’re looking to really wow your guests, you might be interested in Full-Service Catering. We’ll send a professional catering team to set up, staff, maintain, and replenish your buffet. Your selected menu will be served from cast iron dutch ovens and your entire event can be personalized with additional menu options, action stations, and more.


How many folks does a pound of meat (or a pan of sides, a gallon of tea, etc.) feed?

We estimate that one pound of meat will feed three people, a half pan of our sides will feed about 20 people, a shallow half pan will feed about 10 people, and a gallon of iced tea or lemonade works out to about 10 to 12 cups (12 ounces each).


Do you offer tastings?

Absolutely! One of our wedding coordinators will be happy to arrange a tasting, and our sales managers will do the same for business-to-business tastings. Give us a call at the appropriate line below and we’ll get you all set up:


Atlanta, GA: (404) 410-2313
Charlotte, NC: (704) 286-6981
Raleigh, NC: (919) 415-1818
Durham, NC : (919) 415-1818
Greensboro, NC: (336) 331-9921
Madison, WI: (608) 302-3113
Cleveland, OH: (330) 769-6025
Akron, OH: (330) 769-6025
Toledo, OH: (419) 318-1320
Findlay, OH: (419) 434-1423
Detroit, MI: (313) 355-1331
Grand Rapids, MI: (616) 723-8061
Indianapolis, IN: (317) 430-3139
Chicago, IL: (708) 667-4778
Dayton, OH: (937) 572-7336
Cincinnati, OH: (513) 490-2506
Columbus, OH: (614) 538-1230 
Newark, OH: (614) 538-1230 
Northern Kentucky: (859) 415-4801
Louisville, KY: (502) 804-5946
Lexington, KY: (859) 940-4259


What are you doing to help keep folks safe?

The health, safety, and well-being of our guests, vendors, and team members has always been our number one priority, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve re-examined every element of our catering process and made a number of adjustments to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We will continue to update our guidelines and procedures in accordance with the most up-to-date guidance from public health and government officials.

Our full list of health and safety measures can be seen here: citybbq.com/blog/catering-with-city-barbeque-2020/


I don’t want delivery—can I pick my catering order up in the restaurant?

We don’t allow folks to pick up catering orders at this time: if you need to pick up, you can order all the meats, sides, desserts, and drinks you need from your group from your local City Barbeque. Start your order for pick-up at order.citybbq.com.


What’s included with my delivery and set-up order?

Delivery and Set-Up includes your selected menu, buns*, three barbeque sauces (Original, Sweet City, and Brushfire), pickles, jalapeños, disposable chafing kits, plates, napkins, utensils, and serving utensils. We’ll also be sure to include anything specific to your chosen menu items (butter for cornbread, cups and ice for beverages, etc.). * Please note that a la carte meat purchases do not include buns.


What’s included with my full-service catering order?

Full-Service Catering includes your selected menu, buns, three barbeque sauces (Original, Sweet City, and Brushfire), pickles, jalapeños, plates, napkins, and utensils, as well as a professional catering team to set up your spread in cast iron, maintain and restock your buffet, serve your guests, bus tables, and clean up after ourselves. We’ll also be sure to include anything specific to your chosen menu items (butter for cornbread, cups and ice for beverages, etc.).


If I get delivery and set-up, will I need to return any equipment after my event?

Nope, everything is disposable and is included in the cost of your catering package. We’d suggest hanging on to the wire chafers, aluminum pans, and any leftover sterno you may have, as those are all reusable (and will come in handy the next time you order City Barbeque Catering!).

If you rent a hot bag or a hot box from us, please note those items do need to be returned: you can either bring them to your local City Barbeque within 48 hours of your event or work with us to arrange a pickup.


How far in advance should I place my order?

We smoke our meats for up to 18 hours and load up our catering vans with homemade sides and desserts fresh out of the oven, so we ask for as much notice as possible for any size event. The larger your event, the more notice we appreciate! For Delivery and Set-Up orders, we request a 24-hour notice, but we can usually accommodate orders placed by 4 pm the day before (pending market availability).


Does the delivery person get the $38 delivery fee?

The delivery fee is not a gratuity: this fee covers the costs associated with the delivery vehicle and set-up.


Is there an order minimum?

We request a minimum of $1,200 for Full-Service Catering. Minimums may also apply with Limited-Service Catering; please ask your catering specialist. Give us a call at the appropriate line below and we’ll be happy to help:


Atlanta: (404) 410-2313
Charlotte: (704) 286-6981
Raleigh: (919) 415-1818
Durham: (919) 415-1818
Cleveland: (330) 796-6025
Akron: (330) 796-6025
Toledo: (419) 318-1320
Findlay: (419) 434-1423
Detroit: (313) 355-1331
Grand Rapids: (616) 723-8061
Indianapolis: (317) 430-3139
Chicago: (708) 667-4778
Dayton: (937) 572-7336
Cincinnati: (513) 490-2506
Columbus: (614) 538-1230
Newark: (614) 538-1230
Northern Kentucky: (859) 415-4801
Louisville: (502) 804-5946
Lexington: (859) 940-4259